Final Cut Pro X Babbling

What Is All This?


Hi there. This is a little blog about FCP X. “The internet is full of blogs about FCP X”  you say. “Why bother?” Well, this one comes from the perspective of the tiny world of (generally) offline movie trailer editing in Hollywood. And it’s specifically aimed at those folks who use the discontinued version of FCP and need to eventually switch to another NLE. And especially at those who have heard, mostly from people who don’t use it, that FCP X isn’t any good. If you’re bored, check out the original It Doesn’t Suck post to see where I’m coming from. In any case, I just thought I’d add my opinions and experiences to the 800 billion others out there. Also, I am selfish. I Like FCP X 😛

Quick Links: FCP X Essentials | FCP X Versioning Workflow | FCP X Naming (Opinion)

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