Final Cut Pro X Babbling

Basic Strobe Effect


So, in lieu of any actual content here lately, I have a little effect if anyone wants it. There’s no “strobe” effect in FCP X, so I made one. It just freezes a set amount of frames for a jerky playback. Cheesy, but maybe useful? You can roll your own in Motion, but if you’re lazy, here ya go:

Click Here for a zip file

Unzip the file and stick the whole folder in your Movies>Motion Templates>Effects folder. You can make a sub folder in the Effects folder called “Custom” or something first, then put this Strobe folder in it so it’ll sort nicely.

The “mix” slider adjusts the uh… mix 😉 and the “amount” slider adjusts the percentage of the original that plays. 0 just freezes the first frame, and 100 plays the clip with no strobing.

One of these days I’ll add something useful here again, but until then… this is your consolation prize. 🙂 Happy editing!