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I was bored the other day so I wrote a little AppleScript to automate the process of sharing a bunch of projects to a single destination. Basically it hits CMD-E, return, return, down arrow for the number of times you specify. You have to put your Projects in a collection or something and select the first one. Then tell Share-O-Matic how many times to repeat the action and get out of it’s way. Literally. It won’t stop until it repeats those keystrokes the number of times you specify. Seriously, it’s literally unstoppable, and kind of terrifying. Also you can’t do anything else while it chugs away.

This is not a real batch exporter, it just queues all your Shares up for you. Start small and see how it works. It’s kind of useless if you only have a few projects, but if you have a lot, you can go have a cocktail while it presses buttons for you. 😉 However, If it destroys your computer and you lose all your work, I disclaim any responsibility. Use at your own risk. And feel free to share it if you find it useful.

Here it is: Click Me!

UPDATE: Seems like great minds think alike, as there’s apparently another similar script available here. It’s 20 bucks as opposed to free, and seems a little fancier than mine, but both appear to do exactly the same thing. He has a tutorial in which he makes a good point… If you’re sharing a lot of Projects, turn off the FCP X alerts in System Prefs when you run the script. Unless you want 100 alerts piling up for you to dismiss. 🙂