Final Cut Pro X Babbling

Christmas Crap! – A Gift. ☃️


In the spirit of giving, I’ve zipped up 4 (Four!) 5 (Five!) exciting FCP X Generators as a lovely gift. Click the image to get ’em! A slate with 4 selectable/editable Audio Configs, some UHD Checker Grids, a published Motion Smoke Effect, and MPAA Red/Green Bands.

Some may actually be useful, so use them wisely! I hope everyone has a great Holiday, New Year, or whatever else you may be celebrating.

FYI,  requires FCP X 10.3 or later…

Also, if you are unsure how to install these items, click here and check out this video by Fox Mahoney. Check out his plugins too, they’re awesome.

EDIT: With an assist from Patrick Southern, I’ve vastly improved the MPAA tags.

But wait… There’s more! Clearly I need another hobby, but I made a Color Bar and Pattern Generator too. Click the image to get it. Enjoy!

Also… if you need a 1k tone to go with these, simply put an audio clip — any audio clip — underneath it in the timeline and drop the “Test Oscillator” filter on it… It’s in the “Specialized” audio effects group in FCP X. Instant tone!