Final Cut Pro X Babbling

GeekCo® Weed Wipe™ – Another Freebie


So, I recently cut and finished a trailer for “Grow House”, a comedy from the co-writer of “Friday”.  As you may have guessed from the title, the movie revolves around, um… growing marijuana.

I was looking for a little gimmick to use at the end, and I found that there’s a built in “Leaves” wipe in FCP X. It was almost perfect, but needed one, tiny adjustment. 🙂 After a few minutes of messing around, the Weed-Wipe was born.

Now, I don’t condone or encourage any activity that may be implied by this effect, or by the movie, but click the gif below if you’d like your very own copy! (30 MB)

And, if you’d like to see the wipe in action, it’s at the end very not-safe-for-work Red Band trailer. For those who dislike swearing, there’s a Green Band version too!

This was done start to finish in FCP X by the way. the titles were done in After Effects, but everything else; transitions, compositing, CALM Act compliant mix, mastering, was all FCP X.

For the gear-heads who may care, I used a Coremelt C2 transition and Slice-X with Color Finale, FCP Effects Whip Pans, KingLuma Radiance, Rampant 4k Smoke Overlays, Klangfruend LUFS Meter and of course, The Weed Wipe!