Final Cut Pro X Babbling

My Eyes!


I’ve been working on a cut in FCP X of which I need a working copy in Premiere. So, after a quick run through X to CC, and a not so quick couple hours of cleaning up the FCP 6 XML mess and re-doing the mix, I had it back together.

I used the same Fx Factory effect in both, but had to match an FCP X Look Effect using Lumetri, and export a few speed ramped/retimed audio clips because, well… just because. (I’m trying to be nice here!)

Anyway, leaving aside the fact that the the workflow, ease of use, effects application, compositing results and audio quality are markedly better in one of the 2 (guess which one! 😉) it ended up more or less the same. Here’s the question though…

Which of these 2 would you rather look at all day, every day? I mean really… 🙂