Final Cut Pro X Babbling

Quick Tip – EZ Title Font Switch


Here’s the TL;DR version. Pasting text copied from any text app into an FCP X title will change the title font to that of the pasted text. Really cool. Text pasted into the Inspector won’t change the selected style.

EDIT: Works with text copied from a web browser too, So it’s a Mac OS thing, it works when you paste styled text into any text app.

I got this from Brian Elliot Tate, who noticed that if you copy and paste text from a font browser into an X title it will change the font. Here’s a link to the video he made showing this.

So… I poked around a bit and discovered that this works with text copied from anything. Text Edit, Pages, Word, even PDF’s. Any styled text. If you have the font, it’ll work. Try it!