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FCP X 10.4 Announced – Let The Whining Begin!


As everyone knows, FCP X 10.4 has been announced. And Apple, uncharacteristically, has allowed people to talk about it. With pictures! In case you live under a rock, here are some links to the most comprehensive roundups from and Provideo Coalition.

But this post isn’t about the new features, it’s about the reaction in some circles to these features. Not the usual “This isn’t what I personally wanted! Fail!!” whining that pops up every time FCP X is updated.  That’s as predictable as the sunrise, and is laughable at this point. No, the whining I’m reacting to is that Apple has “stolen” these ideas – and others –  from Current FCP X plugin developers.

I just want to go on record as calling bullshit on this. I will now provide examples. 🙂

“Apple stole the new color tools from (insert color correction plugin developer here)!!”

Bullshit. Color correction tools are A) not some new idea that these devs invented and B) Apple had their own Color Correction software years before any of these current plugins appeared. They bought the company that developed it, Silicon Color, in 2005 or so, meaning they already owned the tech.

Apple Color

“Apple stole the idea for the “Flow” morph transition from the mMorph transition!!”

Bullshit. Morph transitions are not a new idea. mMorph came out in reaction to Adobe’s Morph Cut transition, which was inspired by Avid’s Fluid Morph transition which came from the Elastic Reality software they bought… in 1996. The FCP X flow transition is just Apple’s version. Honestly, I wish it was more like Fluid Morph and didn’t need to freeze the A and B overlap. 🙂

Elastic Reality

“Apple stole 3D text from mObject!!”

Bullshit. 3D text is not a new idea. 3D environments are not a new idea. Cinema 4D has been around since 1990, and on the Mac since 1996. Motion has had a 3D environment forever, Apple just added the ability to create 3D text objects. Maybe they’ll eventually add in true 3D obj support.

It won’t be “stolen”.

Cinema 4D

Honestly, the idea that Apple “stole” 3D text from anyone is particularly ridiculous. Why? Here’s why:

“3D text app” web search (partial results)


In reality, if Apple want a technology/software that is truly unique, they just hire the developer or buy the company. The 360 video tools in FCP X 10.4 are from Tim Dashwood, and who knows what Wes Plate is cooking up.

Look, I’m not some “Apple can do no wrong” fan boy – the term “Sherlocked” exists for a reason – but regarding the stuff we’re seeing implemented in FCP X they’re not doing anything shady at all.

10.4 seems to have some very cool new features, and they’re not stolen from anyone. I’m really looking forward to it’s release. Hurry! 🙂