Final Cut Pro X Babbling

FCP Version 1 – Memory Lane


So… in my first post here, I told a long winded story about getting FCP V.1 in 1999, bringing it to work, setting it up on an old Performa next to my Avid, cutting – and somehow managing to finish – a spot with it. This eventually led to my company switching from Avid to FCP, and others in town followed. Blah, blah blah…

Anyway… in a Facebook thread,  me and a bunch of other geriatrics were reminiscing about the first FCP versions we used. In the course of this trip down memory lane, I did a search for the spot and… holy crap, it was there. On the Internets.

So, here it is. Probably the first “Hollywood” movie TV spot cut with FCP. From late Jan or Early Feb 2000. Probably V1.2? It’s a shame everyone here is so scared of the new version. Ah well, their loss. 😉