2 comments on “Drive By Post – Multi NLE Workflow Fun!

  1. I have to ask, would have saved time if you simply used buses and the track editor in Premiere and avoided round tripping altogether? Admittedly, the FCPX plugins are better but for a simple mix like this is that necessary?

    • Short answer is yes, it’d work. But in either case I need to “clean up” the tracks… they’re all over the place, so the prep is about the same. Once the Roles are set (using he index to find and select multiple clips rather than doing the track tetris dance) the “bussing”, for lack of a better term, is done. And it’s honestly faster to just comp a Role and toss effects on it rather than assigning tracks to busses/subs etc. Way more clicking in Pr (or Logic/PT for that matter) I also need to output split versions as h264.mov files (per client), which Pr can’t do anymore. It only does mp4 which doesn’t support multichannel files. Lastly, as you note, plugins are way better in X than Pr.

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