5 comments on “Simple vs. Complicated

  1. Of course your last example is nothing FCP X specific nor does it demonstrate the differences, which I perceive the post’s actual point to be about. It only demonstrates how thick and complicated some people think. Especially “pros”, since only convoluted and superfluously complex is the true sign of a “pro” to them. So if the latter was in fact your point, bravo.

    • Well, that was the point, but I didn’t intend it as a mean spirited indictment of “pros” at all. Their solutions were offered in good faith with no sense of “superiority” or anything. My point was just that when you’re used to needlessly complicated workflows, maybe it colors the way you solve problems.

  2. One of the things I love about FCP X (and one of the reasons I pushed my shop to the platform), is that it can be as simple or as complex as you NEED it to be. We considered CS6 (and have licenses for it). During our decision period, we were using both, and CS6 frustrated me to no end. The multicam implementation was so clunky, and everything was just so manual. It was like driving a semi. I recently guest-spoke in a community college creative arts class (your basic “intro to making stuff digitally” type of thing), and had to teach CS6 to people with no video experience at all. The amount of time it took to get everything launched and correctly configured was absurd, I don’t even want to do all that nonsense as a professional video guy! ProRes, 1080p30, done.

    • Exactly. I’ve always said that there’s nothing inherently bad about Pr or MC etc., they’re great NLE’s. But I now prefer having my NLE deal with all the basic stuff, and if I want to get more complex, I can. I still work in Pr and FCP 7 off and on, drives me nuts. 😉

      • Well put and I COMPLETELY agree. I thought the quote from the gentleman at Azteca TV, who have now switched over to FCP X hit the nail on the head: “Final Cut Pro X lets me organize my media the way I want to in the application and then gets out of the way. It feels as if Final Cut Pro X is designed for artists, while other editing systems are for operators.”

        Bingo. With the next version (and the versions after that) things will change. Believe me. It’s amazing how well Apple are listening.

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