4 comments on “Track Tetris

  1. Superb write-up! Thanks! I agree nearly 100%! I myself don’t need a the “mixer” everyone is screaming about, since I maybe used it TWICE in 10 years of legacy FCP beyond just a master adjustment. Which is why I agree that at least a MASTER mix would be great. I wouldn’t say no to “Sends, Returns, things like that” either, but really rather just see rock solid exchange with LPX and that would obviously be more than enough and get us back to (and far past) where we were with FCP and STP.


    • Thanks Robin. I think it would be nice to have, like, 1 mix strip. Choose what Role/Group it was effecting, and have at it. It could be the master as well. I think having a full blown virtual console in an NLE is sort of silly at this point, but I totally understand why some folks want it. And if that’s your primary reason for choosing an NLE, Premiere has a decent implementation. Getting in and out of LPX seamlessly would (will?) be great.

  2. The word “mixer” appears 83 times in the main code part of 10.0.9 and 101 times in the Final Cut Pro X part of iMovie 10.
    “multiplymixer” doesn’t appear in 10.0.9. It is used 16 times in the FCP X part of iMovie. It looks like an Apple Audio Unit:

    • I’m sure Apple has something cooking… Build more of Logic into X, better integration… We’ll see. I like idea of the invisible secondary storyline for music in iMovie. Interesting possibilities for that… 🙂

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