6 comments on “For Fuc*s Sake…

  1. The Verge article still (as of right now) has zero comments. However if you’d like to see a lot of good comments praising FCPX head over to Fstoppers.com, where the author basically copy and pasted the Verge article and like the Verge author just states that he doesn’t like FCPX and only used it when if came out.

    People who defend FCPX provide a lot of good examples and sources; those who speak ill of FCPX have nothing to add to their defence, just the “I don’t like it” line.


  2. I’ve worked freelance at Apple, as has a friend of mine (I worked on an iPhone spot, he worked on something internal). We both love FCPX and were quite surprised that Apple actually doesn’t (or didn’t at the time) use FCPX for any of their internal post (as far as we could tell). It was Avid or FCP7. It’s been about six months since either one of us were there so maybe it’s changed since.

  3. Well, I just want to say, that when FCPX was dumped down to be almost an iMovie clone, a lot of FCP users were more than angered. Recently, FCPX has updated and now includes many of the professional options that were included with FCP 7. Also, it involves purchasing other tools if you want to transfer any of your FCP 7 into X. Sony Pictures is one of the only major studios that use FCP for their in-house editing. Most, sadly enough, have clung to Avid (which for years has been the standard) but after the FCPX debacle many have switched to Adobe Premiere. I have stuck with FCPX but also use Adobe Apps among others for colorizing, sound editing, etc… Years ago, when I also did some work for them, Apple had a healthy relationship with Adobe and I started out using Premiere back in the day as well as Avid. FCP was not born yet. When it was released, I jumped right on it. So, I imagine, many others started out with Adobe or Avid and they never made the switch.

    And, by the way, thanks for your site. I have learned many things from your posts.

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