10 comments on “Pancakes, Shmancakes! – Premiere vs FCP X

  1. This is so brilliant. It is SO demonstrative of the narrow-mindedness of the “elite” living in their comfy little “business as usual” world, where CHANGE or even the slightest VARIATION on anything they know to be “true” is unfathomable. The moronic “if it (FCP X) doesn’t or can’t do something THIS (as in Avid or PPro) way, then obviously it can’t to it AT ALL! End of discussion.” blather. Incapable of allowing the notion that one CAN actually do things differently, even if THEY are not aware of it and never got the memo, and that those alternatives can actually be BETTER. “If it ain’t broke…” nonsense, where one can see that it may not be “broke”, but it sure as hell is far from intuitive or practical and needs some MAJOR overthinking… something that only Apple has had enough balls to do and do REALLY WELL.

    Yet another success story on your part of demonstrating exactly that.

  2. I edit with AMC in my workplace, but my private jobs with FCPX. And i very like the X. Fast, simple and very stabile. X is cool and PRO software!

  3. 1) Last year I finished a two hour documentary in FCP Classic while reviewing X and Premiere. We choose X as a company and I wish I had it for that doc.

    Since then my time has been spent cutting the marketing videos, overview videos, trailers… and I have found nesting compound clips super helpful. Many times these videos end up being different versions of each other. So the broll/music used in one, can be used in another. Nesting to the rescue! Take video one, compound it, cut sections into video two, break apart and tweak to perfection.

    Easy, fast, fun.

  4. What is even cooler is when you hold down the command key while selecting your in and outs it remembers in what order you selected them and they are all in order they need to be when you edit it on the story line.

    • Yep, can do a stringout, with clips in any order you want, before you hit the timeline. 🙂 Lake any CMD key selection, you just have to be careful to remember to hold it each time!

  5. Another benefit of using X is that you drink a lot less coffees…… Good for your health….

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