11 comments on “FCP Exchange Trailer Workflow Slides

  1. Love your role setup and presets. So smart. Thank you for sharing, and yes let us know when the full talk is up.

    • Thanks… too much to say, not enough time. Soundbite is from Boris, very cool no matter what you cut in, Share-o_Matic is a terrifying little applescript that automates sharing multiple items, link in on the blog front page, and X-Files Pro is something I DL’s a while ago that may or may not work anymore… 🙂

  2. Hi! I try to use X for making trailer for feature film. I use some clips with speed up and down effects. Ans when I try to move my timeline to DaVinchi I have some issue with some clips – DaVinci don’t understand this c;ips correcty… WHat do you think about? How to fix it? I will remake my trailer in Avid manually because I can’t send my project to CC correctly

    • Varies depending on who we use to finish. Smoke, Flame, Symphony, (yes, Symphony lol) etc. Thus the need for EDL’s, from any NLE we’re offlining on.

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