5 comments on “FCP X Versioning Using Roles – The Video

  1. Thanks for this Charlie. May I suggest screen capture software that allows you to zoom in on different parts of the screen. I know you don’t do tutorials for a living like Larry Jordan or Mark & Steve at Ripple Training, so that might not make sense for you. Also it’s more work. But watching this video on an iPad is difficult because the on screen text is tiny. Ok, so maybe I should watch on the big screen 🙂

  2. Great content. Thank you. I would only suggest you explain that CMD-E does nothing unless you set it up first. For those reading this who do not know, CMD-E is your default Share. The Share you use most often. Select a Share from your list of export options and right click on the Share you use most and choose ‘Make Default’. From then on, you don’t have to go to your Share button and scroll down the list to choose what Share to use. Just CMD-E to use your default Share.

    • Hi Don. Glad it was interesting. 🙂 You’re correct abuot the default destination too, I’ll update the post. Couple other things I was vague about that I’ll try to clarify as well. Thanks!

  3. Well you skipped the best feature of FCP X’s export magic. After creating your presets, you can also create a ‘bundle’, add all those export settings to that ‘bundle’, and with one click you get all edits exported!

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