5 comments on “Magnetic Timeline vs. Tracks – Audio Config Changes

    • It seems that the complexity is not inherently due to tracks, more like simply poor user interface and design

      • Yes and no… In Pr and other apps that use tracks, an interleaved stereo file converted to dual Mono requires an additional track. Yes, the Pr audio config is clunky, but even if it was one click as in FCP X, you’d still need another track to be created, the current clip to be replaced with one mono half, and the other new mono half cut into the new track. With no tracks none of that needs to happen. Change the config and you’re done

      • Yeah, it was, but FCP 7 didn’t have stereo tracks. Everything on the TL was dual Mono, Either linked and panned L/R or unlinked and panned center. To change stereo to Dual Mono you just unlinked the channels. One click just like X. 🙂

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