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  1. Or make the switch to Adobe Premiere CS and spend less time conforming to yet another platform and more time creating great work. This whole “just get used to it” would make sense if it were a monopoly, but luckily the world of video editing software isn’t. So we have a choice – and mine was to jump to Adobe Premiere – and I don’t regret it one bit. Sorry, but Apple really blew it.

    • Nothing wrong with Premiere, I use it too on occasion. I’m not saying “just get used to it” as some sort of commandment though. Use whatever NLE works for you. What I’m saying is, for me, actually taking the time to learn the app made me realize that Apple didn’t “blow it”. I thought they did too, at first. Turns out they actually made something quite nice.

    • These conversations always seem to end up here… Every NLE has something about it to dislike right? I’ll say it again, Premiere, MC, Vegas, whatever… all good tools. What bugs me, and is the reason I barfed up this blog, is that a large percentage of people who believe FCP X is no good have never used it and mistakenly believe that “pros” don’t use, or like it. It’s a myth I’d like to dispel.

  2. Thanks for the brief overview, I will be sure to share it with people.

    I am working on season 7 of a television drama cut in FCP 7. Though we will likely use FCP 7 until the show ends (how many seasons can a Canadian 1 hour drama go, after all) the editing team are all thinking about what we will be cutting the next series in. Avid is a strong contender but it has not resolved all of the issues that caused us to choose FCP 7 the last time we had to decide. Premiere Pro lost us when half the team was unable to install CC because of the known persistent install bug, though we all have to keep paying for it as there are no refunds on the subscription; kind of lost faith in Adobe with that one.

    What about FCP X?

    I have cut a few side projects in it (EPIC short, multi cam music video, documentary) and really liked some of what I discovered. Fact is, sitting with the director I could make changes in FCP X faster than any other NLE I have used in the last decade or so; Auditioning is amazing, the multi cam is second to none. Sure, some things still tripped me up but I suspect at least half of them are simply things I need to learn. Hopefully most of the other half will be resolved in the soon to be released FCP X 10.1 version (Remove Attributes, please).

    What I don’t know how to do and have never met anyone who can explain it to me is how to work with FCP X with a team. On our show we have two editors and two assistant editors using FCP 7 and Editshare, plus additional storage on a Mac Server, all through 1GBe. How to I replicate / rebuild / work around this kind of workflow with FCP X? If someone would write the detailed guide to that I know I would be buying a copy to figure it out. Truth is, FCP Classic made me a lot of money in the past as a Trainer and Consultant (still does) and I would like to see that happen again with FCP X. Just need to figure out how to really make it work for groups. Oh, and convincing people they really need to give it a fair Shake and not let the introduction Color their perspective (puns intended).

    • Thanks for reading. . . I pointed out in another post that there are hints that next version of X will let you have pretty much the same shared workflow as you currently have with FCP 7, I’m sure there will be new features as well. And though you can remove attributes on one or more selected clips by deleting them in the inspector, having a pop up to do that would be nice as well. Also, I’m totally stealing your last sentence. 🙂

      • I am sincerely hoping the next version takes sharing seriously, there certainly are reasons to believe this will be the case. As to Remove Attributes, I am referring to the function in FCP 7 under Edit > Remove Attributes or Opt Cmd V. Paste Attributes was given back to us in FCP X, but I really miss the Remove Attributes function.

        And consider that final sentence a gift. I am glad you appreciated it.

    • Ok this is where I sit in this whole debate:
      yes, I make my living making videos of various types,
      yes I’ve used FCP 7 for several years,
      yes I hate the Mac bean-counters guts for making the next phase 64bit program so different that its like putting all the letters on a QWERTY keyboard in a different place,
      yes I tried then avoided FCP X
      yes I considered switching to Premiere Pro, AVID and everything else except Vegas which I consider occupies a level lower than a snake’s belly,
      yes I’m hoping I’ve procrastinated long enough for FCP X to be half decent or at least the good blogs and tutorials online are informative enough and plentiful
      yes I’ve finally dived into FCP X and
      yes it does do some things better and others in a totally confusing way (but I suppose that is always the case when you’re learning something new)
      and yes I do resent the hundreds of hours its going to take to be as fluent as I was on FCP 7 but at the end of the day, and this is the point of this long list of Yes’s, I MADE A DECISION, make a choice and stick to it. All this software has plus’ and minus’. I kept going with FCP7 until my dslr files got so large that the rendering time finished it off.

      • lol. Nice comment. 🙂 X will drive you batshit crazy for a while. Then, at some point, you’ll do a gig in 7 or Pr or MC… and the creative benefits of working in X will be apparent. I jump between NLE’s pretty regularly. X is hands down my favorite, warts and all…

  3. It’s possible to remove attributes. Select the multiple clips and open the inspector. All at once you can remove effects, reset scalling and position, cropping, etc. Now if there’s an effect on some clips and not others, it may not show up in the inspector when you select multiple clips. I noticed some effects show up and others don’t, so it’s not perfect, but it’s still possible.

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