5 comments on “N L Evangelism…

  1. I have mostly used FCP legacy from the start. When FCPX came around I gave it a try and at first was confused how it worked. after a week or so sticking to it to learn it I loved it. At work they want us to use Premiere, so I started using it. When comparing the 2 NLEs I found that FCP X was much easier to use and the workflow was much faster and efficient. It is not perfect but for me it works better.

  2. FCP 7: “I’m still the king!” 🙂 LOL

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what tools you use to get the job done…it’s all about what the end product turns out like. Of course changes in technology and applications influence the outcome, but the art of story-telling and editing should never be defined by software.

    I’m a firm believer in refining your craft and learning a specific application to the best of your ability, but this is also relative to your circumstance and work environment.

    I’m interested to see if history repeats and FCP X becomes the industry standard again….just like it’s predecessor (or “the king”) of Apple’s flagship editing software.

  3. I totally agree. But, it helps a great deal if the application does not get in the way and lets you edit and be creative. FCP X does that better in my humble opinion. Yes you can get the job done in any NLE but it is much more pleasant when you can spend more time being creative instead of clicking.

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