2 comments on “Why Did Apple Rename Everything in FCP X?!?

  1. I’m guessing in principle the objects-stream that I know formally as “FCPX:Project” and in my documentation as “Sequence-Project” could eventually evolve from a plain traditional linear progression in time to become a kind of network / nodal graph of variants – which one might use (as basis for editing) temporarily in development (e.g. for variant ideas) or permanently (e.g. for multiple-variant products or branching stories). Storyline, StoryTree, StoryNet, whatever. Tidiest if Projects could contain Projects (instead of just Compound Clips etc.) but sometimes its good to be flat.

  2. A friend just sent me this blog entry. Personally, I’ll let the event and library naming slide. It’s different, that’s ok, though it would have been easier to go with convention and simply call them Projects and Bins. No, I was never a film editor, and I realize that’s where the term bins comes from, but it’s been industry standard for a long time now. Heck, we still refer to “station wagons” even though those are now Subaru Outbacks, not horse-drawn carriages that take you from the train station to your little house on the prairie. History lessons be damned, it doesn’t always matter if we know why something got its name, as long as we have a name we can use to share information with each other.

    Project, on the other hand, is the worst name they could have chosen. Not because they chose to use new terminology for something that editors have been using for decades, that’s just the “event” and “library” situation. But then they crossed the line and took a BIG term — project refers to an ENTIRE MOVIE, or an ENTIRE TV SHOW — and made it refer to the smaller item of “just” the sequence.

    So it was Project: Bin: Sequence

    And now it’s MadeUpWord: MadeUpWord: Project

    All this accomplishes is completely unnecessary confusion. I’ve likened it to Tesla arbitrarily deciding they are going to call the “steering wheel” the “rear differential”. Sure, they redesigned the car and vastly improved it. But they rename the “windshield” the “exterior deflector”…. nor did they take a commonly accepted term and make it mean something completely different.

    Just because the timeline (or Apple’s “storyline”) does more than it can in Media Composer doesn’t mean it can’t still work with sequences. And by using your definition approach, a sequence is “a series of video and audio events told in a precise order” or any other definition that will suit you.

    The point is, redesigning editing? Great. I’m all for improvements. Arbitrary renaming? Confusing and pointless, serving no greater purpose while causing much confusion. It’s time for FCP to understand their innovation is in the actual workflow, and they need to change the common terms to industry standards.

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