17 comments on “FCP X – “Pro” Essential Companions

    • lol, yeah, very true. I’ve been trying to spread the word for quite some time. It’s really stupid that more people don’t jump in. It’s a chicken egg thing I think. Good editors don’t want to learn it cuz they think there’s no work, and producers/companies who’d like to use it think there no talent pool of good editors. In a way they’re both right. There needs to be critical mass on one side or the other. Or a “big” company has to start using X to validate it. Apparently feature films, documentaries, and in house studio marketing depts aren’t “big” enough. Dummies. 😉

  1. Although it’s really a plugin for After Effects, Automatic Duck XImportAE would be a nice addition to this wonderful list. Thanks for sharing, Charlie!

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  4. Does anybody uses Primaries Exporter and Coremelt’s Source Time Code? Is roundtripping to resolve for dailies with burn-in still the best method, with ProResHQ files from BMPCC?

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