18 comments on “GeekCo. Role-O-Matic 3 – Batch Set Multichannel Audio Roles and Subroles and Name Components

  1. Good start! The channel one (of the polyfile) is not recognized if it lays on Primary Storyline when opened in it’s own timeline. After I make it connected it is recognized and the app works perfectly. Weird.

    • Thanks Jari. Others have reported this, and I suspected this was the reason. At this point all I can do is update the “Known Issues” due to the way the app works. The good news is R-O-M simply ignores it, so CH-1 will keep it’s default Dialogue Role. That’s also the bad news… I built it to batch set Roles on multichannel clips with video (Split Masters, dailies etc). I’ll try to figure out a fix, but it may take a while. 😦

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  3. Can you embed role information to the file? For example, i use a droplet to convert mp3 to aiff. It would be cool if i have some kind of “droplet”, where i can throw a file and it will add audio and video roles to the file.

    • Unfortunately not… The Role data is external to the file, and FCP X doesn’t currently convert any file metadata (which is what you’d like to see) into Roles. That would be a great feature though. 🙂

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    • If, after changing the configuration to dual mono in the inspector, you see 2 components when you open the clip in a timeline you can do it. You just need to change the audio config before you export the fcpxml. If it’s an interleaved stereo component… meaning even after you change the config you only see one component when you open it in a timeline, then ROM can’t do it. You can do it in the project timeline/inspector though. Change clip to Dual Mono, expand components in the TL, and select/change Role to each component. I wish it were easier. 😦

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