8 comments on “Guest Post – One Smart Collection To Rule Them All!

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. Does make you think about importing media midway through your job. Hmm. Really interesting. Always been an event for each media topography kinda guy but still interesting. Only time I can see venturing off from this is when a multi-editor workflow is in place. But maybe not.

    • It’s sort of an idea in progress… The thing is, you can start using it right away, even if you have stuff spread across Events etc (as I do). What I really like is not having to waste screen space on the Library column, just hide it and use you search HUD to show whatever. As Simon pants out, the key is really good tagging of media files. If anyone comes up with refinements, share them!

    • Glad you like the idea, Tony! (And thanks to Charlie for posting this.) I’m really excited about it – it really feels like “next gen” editing, where you’re letting the metadate do all the heavy lifitng and you’re just controlling it all from one single command centre.

      Curiously, when I first saw FCP X and Smart Collections, I immediately assumed that something like this would be the way that everybody would be working, but instead we’ve all drifted into using media organisation that only just one step removed from how we did it in all those other NLEs.

      The Smart Collection is quite clearly the most powerful tool in the FCP X armoury – and yet most editors just seem to use it as an afterthought rather than, as I’m suggesting here, the central powerhouse that drives everything else.

      I look forward to hearing your similarly “crazy” ideas for improving on this method😉 Sometimes crazy is just the right way to go …

  2. word. meta/media tagging, the new frontier, in a few years the other media manipulators will catch on 🙂 ill post whatever crazy concoctions i find

  3. This is the way forward, otherwise the more keyword collections there are the more it turns back into Bins and remembering where things are, especially if you have more than one Event.

  4. I like this approach but still prefer to have more smart collections for stuff like graphics. My main collection would be named Select-O-Matic, just to give it some flare. I will probably name the events after the filming location.

    • I’m not suggesting that you use this to replace your existing organisation from Day One. Just try using it on top of your existing organisation for now, whatever that may be. Even if you decide you don’t like it, it will be a great diagnostic tool for telling you what types of organisation you actually need, and what you can really do without.

      I really hate people who tell other people how they should be editing (to say the least!!!), but I do think that the goal of organisation should be to aim for simplicity over complication, so it’s a really good idea to keep asking yourself: “Do I really need the complexity that I’ve built into my workflow, or can I find things to usefully strip out?” I think this method should really help with answering that question.

  5. With Big Projects I think multi Events might still have a place, and these kind of Smart Collections at the top of each Event, other wise you can have a mental amount of Keywords. Even with multi Events, you often need the same Keywords in each, for a Global view from the top. I am still struggling with an effective method of matching back to source, and having more Events mitigates this enormously. I know others disagree, but I think there will always be a need to know where something came from that’s in the timeline, especially in reality when you need the adjacent real-time coverage to fine cut with. Despite Avid having places where things are stored, Bins, instead of what they are called, the beauty of it’s match-frame and Find Bind commands, is that you don’t actually need to know where something is, as those Commands take you straight there. When you Reveal file in Browser on FCP you get a top level match- back in the browser next to everything else and in film-strip view this is really disorientating. A feature that matches back to only that file in the browser might be a useful improvement.

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