6 comments on “GeekCo. Train-O-Matic®™ – Learn FCP X in just 12 Sentences!

  1. This is great. It reminded me of something that’s puzzled me: there seems to be no E (append to sequence) function in Premiere. This is important enough in FCPX that it has its own key and is mentioned here, but there’s no way to do it in Premiere? Or am I missing it?

    • Hi there! Correct me if I’m wrong – Appending a clip in FCPX means that it gets inserted at the END of your timeline/storyline? If so, then I haven’t come across this feature in Premiere Pro either.

      I usually go to the exact timecode where I want my clip and use the Insert/Overwrite Edit options. I think it also helps to have a full keyboard that has the Home & End keys for easy navigation… but to each his own 🙂

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