5 comments on “Apple Has Not Reinvented Editing.

  1. worst thing about fcpx – its addictive…. and that said from an editor who has been editing with tape and scissors … doing the transit to avid 1992… the only thing available back then … loving final cut one in 1999 – up until the terrible day when we were all so disappointed when fcpx came out and we all thought is would be just a better version af fcp7 and did not want to touch it at all when it turned out to be something complete different …. It felt like a betrayal from Apple for all us aficionados who as pros had been supporting fop and defending and protecting it from all the avid editors who had never tried anything else but avid , but never the less could find only bad bad things to say about fcp – then premiere became a possibility – and its really really nice… then finally just a few months ago I came around to actually edit in fcpx … and I dread the day some company or job will make it necessary to edit in another system ! Editing was invented more than a 100 years ago true… but truly digital editing was made possible with fcpX … said the old pro with more than 35 years experience who has been along all the way from 35mm 16mm ..(.where you had to have your transitions developed at a lab and sent to you 3 days later , when you had of course changed the whole edit meanwhile..:-). Loved fcp7 – close to getting fanatic about fcpX …….

  2. Hey Charlie. You have in quotes above…“in FCP X alone, you can do the majority of your editing in the Browser! You can’t do that in any other NLE!!” – be interested in looking at where that particular quote came from. Is there a Link available?

    • Actually, I was paraphrasing from a variety of sources from whom I’ve heard things like that. Just looked at a style guide, and I guess I shouldn’t use the quotes. I’ll revise it. 🙂

  3. This Guy Edits shows how it actually changed his creative way of editing since using FCPX. He is of the opinion that it actually uses a different part of the brain…

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