4 comments on “Random Thoughts…

  1. Having been active in the thread, I’d contest the allegation that anyone said you MUST learn to do things differently in X. The joy is that you are allowed to revise your workflow pretty significantly when you learn what the X tools are uniquely capable of. Of course any one editor can use just the parts of X that are similar to any other NLE and get plenty of work done. Other editors will see plenty of new ideas and gravitate to those parts of the software. You only must change your thinking if you wish to work in ways the new capabilities uniquely allow – and that’s up to the editor.

    • We kind of agree… My point is that you are, ultimately, doing the same thing in X as you would with a razor blade and tape. FCP X provides lots of cool new ways to do these things, but you don’t need to change the way you work, just use the tools FCP X provides to simplify it. My process in X is the same as in Premiere, or Avid, or iMovie on my phone. X just makes it a whole lot easier and funner. 🙂

      • Need help with this. I’m trying to use the same title from one project to the other. It’s a ticker type title bar. Sure I get that I have to change the title part of it but the ticker info also has to be changed. I’m wondering why I have to do both. I’d think that changing the text part of would automatically change the ticker info part as well.

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