54 comments on “Final Cut Pro X 10.3 – First Look

  1. How about the “Consolidate custom Motion projects into individual Final Cut Pro libraries”?
    I was dreaming on having my custom transitions and generators for each library but I couldn’t find any info about this.

      • Erm… between two AUDIO clips?? Sure! But what I was referring to (and assumed you were too), was the NEW “Apply Audio Fades” command that can be assigned a shortcut if needed.

      • Wow.. I could have SWORN we werent able to to apply a crossfade transition between two audio clips before 10.3.. it had to be done manually. Cant test it now that I’m on 10.3.

      • With AUDIO ONLY clips most definitely, but not with audio synced with VIDEO, which is most likely what you’re confusing. And again, that still hasn’t changed. The only new option is to set the audio fade handles with a shortcut… if set.

  2. I get a message Conduit Fx plugin 3.0 out of date when starting 10.3 that I have to acknowledge and I just cannot seem to remove it. Any ideas?

  3. My apologies for sounding like a grump who doesn’t appreciate a free FCPX upgrade. Nevertheless, I don’t understand why the interface is much darker (gloomy) and why the function buttons were moved and re-grouped. Some of these improvements seem to fit the adage of change for the sake of change especially considering the time it will take to learn and memorize the new interface. I would have preferred options that allowed an editor to choose the location of function buttons and select among several interface schemes.

    • Fair enough… personally I like the dark UI, easier to focus on the pix. And, after working with it for a while, I feel the rejiggered menus and buttons actually make more sense for the most part. Even moving the titles/generators etc to the browser, which I didn’t like at first, actually makes it easier to locate stuff, particularly on a 2nd monitor. When I switch from Pr or MC into X it’s so much nicer to look at. Closer to resolve, which is also a nice UI. Just my opinion though. 🙂

  4. So what about the excessive memory utilization and performance degradation when editing large projects; has these issues been resolved or improved at least in 10.3? Comments, anyone?

  5. @Jon Gordon – I had the same thing…I think its from some Blackmagic LUT plugin thing from a year or two ago…I went to the finder and searched for it but found nothing. I then went to the FINDER>GO menu and hold down Option to show the hidden Library…select it and then search for it within that and it comes up with a folder that seems to be the culprit that I moved to the trash.

    I’m waiting on a big export right now, but will restart FCPX and see if that fixed it.

    Try that…hope it works.

  6. Hi.

    Has anyone noticed, that Optimised Media has gone* from some updated projects and is not available as a Transcode option?

    * Inspector > Media Representations: Original – Proxy – Optimised
    Somehow one project with previous optimised and proxy media (which is still visible in Finder) does not show that it has optimised media.

    Other than that, wow.

  7. All the clips and videos now seem to have a special brilliance that is way stronger than the old version. Might be the affect of the wonderful darker surroundings, but hey, this is GREAT!!!!
    It was a big shock though when I booted up FCP and found this gem waiting for me! Merry Christmas early.

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  9. I’m feeling like an idiot but where the the titles and generators browsers go? I only see effects and transitions and haven’t been able to figure out where the others moved to.

      • Thanks! For some reason my eyes just passed over those icons and missed them entirely. I kept expecting them to be somewhere near where they were before.

      • Thanks so much Charlie luv you. You saved my life lol. I was just in the middle of cussing out the idiot who decided to update Final Cut Pro and then hide the titles when your comment rescued me. I felt as helpless as I do when I’m looking for Waldo in those stupid frustrating books. I have a big project that I was almost finished with but needed one more title.

  10. Hi there. Everything works fine but the image displayed on the second screen appears cropped on the top, but just the image, not the interface. I’m working on a 1920×1080 video shown at 100% on a 2k monitor (as usual with the fcp 10.2.3 on same system). Anybody knows what can be the problem?

  11. Is anyone having issues with having to reimport video clips every time you re-open your project? It’s driving me crazy. Also have issues with reimported clips not being able to image stabilize. Anybody have comments?

  12. I seem to have lost some of my effects (Store Purchased) I not seeing how to get them back or how to display them. Will we be able to see them as we did before in separately Titles/Transitions. etc…

  13. The new version doesn’t remember any of the recent libraries I opened and it prompts me at every startup to locate a library to load. The library window doesn’t show any libraries at all. it’s as if it’s pointing in the wrong place and not on my external drive.

      • Hey Charile
        did try trashing the preferences. I used Preference Manager to do it. Still the same problem. Every time I open the program, I have to locate the last library I was working on and reload it.
        Appreciate your help

      • You don’t need any type of “preference manager”. You simply start Final Cut Pro X whilst holding the ⌥ and ⌘ keys.

        I, too, would suspect that that clears it up, seeing that that is where that information is stored. So I would try it (…that) way (above) and check again.

      • Hey Robin
        I tried holding the ⌥ and ⌘ keys while starting up Final Cut Pro as you said. A window came up asking if I wanted to delete the preferences. I thought “YES, this is what I was hoping for”. I clicked on delete, and waited almost ten mintues with the final cut icon bouncing in my dock. Then it stopped bouncing but didn’t look like it was running. I clicked on the dock icon and nothing happened. I thought “Ok, time to restart” and just as I was about to do that, the Final cut window opened. It asked me to update the untitled library, which I did, then the “Which library would you like to open?” window appeared. I went to my external drive and opened the most recent library I’ve been working on. It loaded fine, then I closed the untitled library, quit Final Cut, then restarted and “NOPE”, no recent library loaded and the “Which library would you like to open?” window came back again. The window doesn’t even list the libraries I have in my Final Cut Libraries folder on my external drive. The window is blank. It doesn’t even have the untitled library which I would think is standard. It’s as if the program doesn’t know where to look for the libraries. It’s just not remembering the last library I’ve been working on and it looks like this has nothing to do with preference settings. This only started happening with Pro 10.3 since my Sierra upgrade. It’s a bit of a pain having to always locate the library I was last working on, but the thing still works as least. I do find it pretty ugly and don’t like the how I can’t seem to expand the timeline like with the previous versions. I have to 2 finger stretch the timeline to expand the clips unlike how before, you used to actually use the small magnifier to large magnifer slider icon to expand the clips.

      • No idea what’s going on with your library history, sorry. Haven’t heard of that happening yet. Very odd. If the deleting of the prefs doesn’t work, then I’m at a loss.

        Whether 10.3 is “ugly” is a matter of taste I guess. I for one find it to be a brilliant evolution of an already superbly conceived interface. YMMV.

        As far as the timeline zoom options are concerned, *nothing* has actually changed. The slider — which I for one have NEVER used, because it’s the most fiddly, imprecise and inconvenient option — is still there, only it is now tucked away in the timeline view options pop-up where it doesn’t take up valuable space in the UI. Good thing, too, since I personally find it useless. I use ⌘ + and – and ⇧Z as I always have in every version of FCP to date. Have never needed anything else and it covers all the bases AND is imho much faster than some goofy slider.

      • Hey Robin.

        Wow, thanks for the great info. The shortcuts for the timeline zoom options are fantastic. I really do appreciate you giving it your best shot to try and help me out with the recent library loading.
        I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact that it’s an library I started with the previous version of Final Cut. Maybe after I’m done with this library and start a new one with 10.3, it might behave differently.
        Anyway, again, my sincere thanks for the exchange. Have a super day and a wonderful festive season. If it suits you, “Merry Christmas” to you.


  14. I have all my musics on an external disc. In the previous version I used drag and drop to put them inside fcpx. Now it doesnt work anymore. if you clik on musics you only have apps. Any idea to drag again ma external disc into the folder music?

  15. I have a huge issue with this update and would like to know if anyone else has it…

    Since the update, I don’t have the 50i option to create an timeline. like 1920×1080 50i.

    I have a lot of footage in that format, but if i create it 1920×1080 25i, it looks very choppy.

    (yes i am aware of the 25p 50p and frame rates) The fact is the creation of the timeline, I could always do it, but not anymore.

    • There IS no such thing as 50i. That’s just a term that camera manufacturers made up to help differentiate (or simply confuse??) between 50p. Because 50i *is* 25i. Exact same difference. Where 25i is in fact the correct technical term. There is no camera on the planet that shoots 50 INTERLACED frames, which would mean *100* fields.

      So being INTERLACED, you won’t get the full motion unless it’s displayed on an INTERLACED screen, such as A TV.

      And no, Final Cut Pro X has never had a *50i* option. Fortunately.

  16. Why on earth did they move the GUI elements for color correction and retiming on to the viewer pane ? The same stands for the timecode edit field, which was previously integrated into the timeline TC viewer…
    As long as one works on a single screen, MacBookPro, all is dandy. But the moment you start working with a bit more screen real-estate it becomes a pain in the neck – literally !

    This elements are part of the timeline workflow, not the preview. Now I have to move my head dual 27″ from side to side, to follow a time adjustments. For the other GUI elements, they can be circumvented by shortcuts… but still, why ?

  17. Just downloaded fcpx to a brand new iMac. I don’t see how to add text to my project. Am I missing something or did they move the add text options out or what. I just want to drop a text tile there. Where are they now?

    • Absolutely nothing in terms of titles has changed with 10.3. Except maybe the location of the titles panel, which is now at the top left. I’m amazed at how many people are unable to figure that out.

      Otherwise you could just hit CTRL-T or CTRL-⇧-T when in the timeline.

  18. Can anyone tell me why after applying the “Flow” transition FCPX 10.3.3 now tells me it is missing?
    The error statement is “Title of Project” has background tasks that are not yet complete. If you continue, these effects may be missing or have reduced quality: Flow Cancel or Continue. It worked beautifully when applied. I returned to the project a few days later, and this is what has occurred?

    Desperately need feedback and help to rectify it.

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