7 comments on “My Eyes!

  1. Both really. the more subdued shades are easier on the eyes, and the labels and waveforms are way more legible (and useful) in X. It’s really just a way better UI.

  2. I would always prefer to look at X .. its like tesla or ford mondeo … πŸ™‚ but both to be preferred compared to the vintage model Avid ….

  3. Wow! What a difference. Colours are definitely easier on the eyes in FCPX, based on this comparison (I have to qualify because haven’t worked with Premiere in 15 years). FCPX has an understated design gets out of the way and lets you focus on the edit.

  4. Fact is, Apple has limited the colors for roles and selected exactly THOSE colors for a reason: ergonomics. The colors that are offered are those that make for perfect legibility and overall contrast with other colors and interface type. If you had free choice, that likelihood that you’d end up choosing something that makes reading the name or seeing the waveforms etc. would be very high. Aside from just simply being FUGLY. 😜 (as you can see “elsewhere”) PPro’s interface most definitely will be the greater strain on your eyes.

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