3 comments on “Titles – Essential Graphics vs. Motion Templates

  1. I will probably will not use a lot of the titles in FCP X just because some are a little cheesy. But even those are light years ahead of those in PP. I also like how you can preview them for the most part. Where I work they want use to use PP. This last update was missing the Essentials Graphics and when I mentioned it they thought it was a previous feature they did away with and said nobody else was complaining about it missing. Am I the only one who keeps up on this stuff. Don’t get me started about Media Encoder giving me crappy encodes!

    • Agree… Honestly all I ever use are the Basic (2D and 3D) titles. But, other than a passing similarity in how they look in the UI, the Pr titles aren’t currently even in the same league as what’s in X.

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