7 comments on “FCP X 10.4 Announced – Let The Whining Begin!

  1. Thank you for not providing the citations because if you did I’d go there and open a can of whoop ass.

    Stop your whining and get to editing some really cool shit on one of the most exciting NLE platforms to come out in a long time.

  2. Way to tear down those straw men!

    Have links to some of this whining that you’re referring to? Would be more interesting (and relevant) than your made-up quotes.

  3. I find it ironic that after reading the article there is a comment box called: “Don’t just sit there… say something”. Why would someone want to do that? You just accused any disagreement as whining and this inhibits free open flow conversation.

    That being said, I am an editor who works on FCP everyday. I am looking forward to 10.4 most definitely. And No, I don’t think apple is doing shady stuff. But this blog seems biased. Why would they hold on to Color technology they purchased in 2005 just to release it 13 years later? In the meantime there have been multiple versions of ColorFinale that we have had to purchase as a work around. I am absolutely not impressed with that.

    • I’m not discouraging disagreement at all. Just pointing out that anyone saying Apple is “copying” anyone here is incorrect. People have been asking for native Curves/Wheels in FCP X since it came out. Apple gave people what they wanted. Did they “copy” Resolve? Baselight? It’s silly.

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