9 comments on “FCP X 10.4.1 – Open Apple?

  1. ” I don’t do a whole lot with […] Raw footage…”

    And that’s the whole thing. Why haven’t you? Probably because it was a DOG to work with no matter who it came from, no? At least that’s been the only reason for me, even in situations when it could well have been the better, more suitable choice!

    And that’s why I think PR raw is going to make a HUGE splash in the short or long of it. It’s “the every man’s raw”. You get superior, pristine quality with the performance of 422 (more or less… at least USABLE performance 😉 ) That’s huge imho. I’m just curious (and anxious) to see when and which camera makers start supporting it, since that clearly is THE deciding factor on how it does.

  2. ProRes Raw is
    1. Cameras write as fast as possible and as much without processing.
    2. Like a negative with less storage.

    Why would you export when raw has to be converted to pixels.
    Do you really want to be doing that even after your edit.

    Raw is for HDR. You will when 709 dies and you have monitors higher than 2000 nits.

    • There IS no raw export. It’s an ACQUISITION codec only.

      And yeah, whether you’re capturing in raw or not has zero to do with HDR. ANY camera that captures LOG, in whatever codec, is (potentially) capturing in/for HDR.

      • Then why does Atamos exist if current camera can do that.
        They can’t that is why external recorders are necessary.
        If regular ProRes can do that the Raw is not necessary.

        It is giving you flexibility of Raw without the hassles
        Obviously it is lossless compression because you cannot handle full raw any way.
        People would be using DNG.

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