4 comments on “(Part 1) Fighting The Magnetic Timeline

  1. oh, please do tell! I do a lot of editing to a music soundtrack, so put a slug in the primary storyline, but do so want to make more use of the magneticism that is fcpx. help me graduated from old skool!

    looking forward to part 2

  2. Great post, thanks!

    I agree especially with that you have to think about assigning Roles.

    My question is — could you list all the Roles you’re using? Along with obvious ones like Video, Music, Dialogue.



    • And thank you. I just create Roles based on my sources. generally the defaults suffice, but I’ll often add a Narration Role. Best Practice is to keep the number of “master” Roles to a minimum, and use Sub Roles to be more specific. Library music sub-Role, Sometimes Effects sub roles (Library FX, LFE etc) If you were doing a feature you of course could have Dialog Sub Roles for each character… Basically anything you’d like to be able to select, find, mute, solo, etc individually you can make a Role or sub role. Remember, once you create a Role or Sub Role you can’t delete it, so think it out before you hit OK. 🙂

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