15 comments on “Basic Strobe Effect

  1. I am unable to get this effect to pull up in FC 10.2….any ideas? I have it in the Motion Templates folder, but it never shows up in the FC browser for effects.

    • Seems OK on my systems… Do you have the “Strobe” Folder inside the “Effects” folder (or in a subfolder within it) in your Motion Templates Folder?

  2. dang. there is no motion folder template thing in final cut pro. or maybe i have no idea where to find it.
    if you have suggestions, please let me know. i’m on el capitan.

    • Hey Gina… it’s not terribly intuitive, but you’ll fine the “Motion Templates” folder inside your “Movies” folder. Inside it, you’ll find all the subfolders for various effects, generators titles etc. 🙂

  3. there is no “Effects” folder inside Movies>Motion Templates>?? so I made one, but when I paste all the plugin files inside nothing happens, it won’t show up in Final Cut Pro.

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