4 comments on “Moveable A/B Audio Crossfade Trick

    • The dissolve transition doesn’t do anything once you change the a/b handles, it just allows you to adjust the transitions’ position in the storyline. which I guess you can do anyway by selecting and dragging the edit point. It’s really just a quick way to make A/B handles. Eliminates a couple keystrokes here and there…:-)

      • No, it actually ADDS some, since the transition plain isn’t needed. As you say yourself, if you do everything you do AFTER adding the transition but WITHOUT adding it, you can do the exact same thing with the trim tool. So adding the transition is superfluous.

      • Well, yes and no. It splits your handles for you, and lets you move the cut point without changing tools. Also it gives you a quick visual reminder that there’s a transition there when the components are collapsed collapsed. But yeah, nothing earth shattering. I just thought it was kinda cool.

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