4 comments on “Anyone Who Prefers Tracks Over Roles is Deluded.

  1. Is setting up your Roles in FCPX one more step? I don’t think so. Anyone considering that would have to count track patching & track tetris in Premiere Pro as 100 extra steps! 😉 Besides, Role assignment can be automated given the propper meta data in apps like Sync N’ Link X. If not, it’s pretty fast to do so In FCPX! If you need to work with individual channels, Role-O-Matic is a blessing!

  2. I use Roles all the time with documentary work and am giddy every time I get to export splits for international, or cut a marketing video from a master, or do anything that includes roles or channel exports. Compared to how I did it in FCP Classic, it is just plain exciting. 😃

  3. Every single one of the steps in the Premiere Pro example can be skipped if the editor starts with a proper Multi-channel sequence instead of the stereo default and use a Multi-channel output preset. I have never seen a pro editor do all the steps above – they use the proper presets and don’t have to do any of this nonsense.

    • Very true Jarie, but unless you have a system with multichannel output monitoring and an external console, one usually cuts with everything routed to 1&2. So at some point you still need to reassign each track to the proper output, pan mono stuff as needed for your split, and rearrange clips to ensure they’re all on the proper tracks. You’ll also need to duplicate sequences and reassign audio for different audio output configs. With Roles, all this is unnecessary.

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