8 comments on “FCP X 10.4 Update – First Look

  1. Exporting in H.265 DOESN’T actually require Compressor. It just requires the Compressor PRESET for access from FCP. But having Compressor for custom settings can’t hurt. 😉

    • I think I noted that you can make a preset. According to the Apple feature list for 10.4, you do need Compressor to export HEVC, whether you send to Compressor or create a preset. Everyone should have Compressor and Motion anyway right? 🙂

      • Even if you don’t have Compressor, I can still send you a preset and you simply copy it into the right folder, after which you can access it from FCP and render out HEVC. Or even send you A DROPLET. Same thing, no Compressor needed.

        A SEND TO will obviously need Compressor installed, yes. 😉

        Everyone should, yes, but many don’t because they really don’t know what for. Unfortunately. But I can’t say I blame them. 😏

      • MY point was that you don’t need Compressor to encode in HEVC from FCP. You just need the (or A) preset. 😉

        IOW, you can very well COPY a preset without Compressor, yes.

        I was merely contesting i.e. clarifying the point “Exporting in H265 requires Compressor”. That being my job as the resident smart-ass. 😜

        Otherwise: great post, as always!

      • Of course. 😊 But as the resident hand-holder, I’m just trying to head off the inevitable comment from someone without Compressor or a Preset they got somewhere saying “I can’t export HEVC from FCP X!”. 😉 And thanks!

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