8 comments on “(Part 3) *Not* Fighting The Magnetic Timeline-Storylines

  1. Great posts, thanks… but i have a question… I’ve messed around a bit in FCPX since it came out, but haven’t really dug in to a long form doc until now. I do A LOT of what we call “frankenbiting”. meaning chopping up off-camera dialog in to bits, individual words sometimes, to rearrange sentences, chop out gaps and “ums” and fix grammar, etc. I foresee a problem with connecting B-roll shots to individual words of a sentence… what do you do in this circumstance? i think i’ll probably end up compound clipping these frankenbites, or secondary story lining them and using gap clip in main storyline.

    • Hey Josh, I do a lot of that as well. You could use secondaries, but it’s not ideal, making a compound is the way to go IMO. In my case it’s also nice because I have access to the cheat for any future spots etc. in which I might need it. Sometimes I’ll include the picture in the CC as well so it acts like a “normal” clip. If the audio begins before the picture or extends past the the end I can always expand AV and trim (J or L cut) the picture when I cut it in.

      Another helpful thing here is to include a common word in each cheated CC (“DIA A-cheat”, “DIA B-cheat”) and make a smart collection that looks for compound clips with “cheat” in the name. That way they’re all in one place in the browser. I also have one that just looks for CC’s in general. It’s really handy.

      I’ve cut audio in Protools and Other DAW’s and pretty much all the “major” NLE’s. FCP X is amazing for the type of thing we’re talking about. Being able to move and trim clips in sample increments in the timeline makes it really easy to create franken-dialog. 🙂

  2. Glad someone is seeing the light about not fighting the magnetic timeline. Been using it here on 6 workstations for broadcast and corporate work since 10.0.6 and even though it takes a bit to wrap your brain around how to connect clips in the right way, it does make working in a timeline fantastic. And great tip about the “~” new one for me and helpful. FCPX is a “Pro” app if you use it the way intended and not trying to franken-hacking it to work like legacy software.

    • “not trying to franken-hacking it to work like legacy software.” Yep. Work in X like X works, and it’s a pleasure. Try to make it work like something it’s not and you’ll hate it. You’ll be wrong, but you’ll hate it. 🙂

      As an aside, I’ve been on FCP 7 and PrCC off and on for the last couple weeks (swapping work with folks who haven’t switched) and it’s painful.

  3. hello all,
    i am struggling with fcpx for the same exact reason you are telling here above, which is thinking of fcpx as fcp7, which is wrong.
    I am now trying to work with the syncing, and i have seen that it is possible to do it internally in fcpx but you have to do it one by one and since i am working with a lot of clips in a messy order i have managed to use the dear old pluraleyes 3 which to me it’s still better for syncing.
    But it turns out that, as i knew, it can fix totally problems of syncing if there is disorder in the number of the clips (meaning that it seems, even after many different attempts, that it cannot recognise that video clip 5 can’t match with audio clip 14 if that is the order). so this means to me recreating manually the syncing on fcpx, and i am seeing that what it was easy to do in fcp7 (messing up with the clips on the timeline to create a new order) it’s quite difficult to be done in fcpx (at least for me).
    any suggestions?
    (i know it’s me guys 🙂 )

    • I actually don’t do a lot of syncing, so I’m probably not much help. I’d suggest posting on the fcp.co forums if you haven;t already done so. Lot’s of knowledgeable folks there. 🙂

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